Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in contact with someone about joining the Club?

Click on the "Contact Us" button in the sidebar. Choose one of the Officers to send an Email query to, or call them on the telephone. Ask anything you want. They will answer!

What does it cost to join the Club?

The Annual Dues for the Club are $10/person/calendar year - that is from January to December. We do not pro-rate the Annual Dues based on the month you join. The Annual Dues if you join in July are still $10/person, and expire in December of that year.

What does it cost to attend dances?

The Dance Fee for members is $12/person, and for non-members it is $14/person.

Are there additional costs for the lesson or food?

Absolutely not! The dance fee covers the cost of everything at the dance including the lesson, buffet meal, drinks, and door prize.

I noticed in the newsletter that people bring desserts for the buffet. Is this a requirement for members?

Absolutely not! Our membership includes some of the best cooks in South Carolina, and they enjoy bringing their wares to our dances for everyone to enjoy!

I see in the Bylaws that a person can only attend 3 dances as a guest (non-member), and must then join as a member. Do you keep track of how many dances a guest actually attends?

No. We expect that by the third dance that every guest will want to become a member. However, we really don't pay any attention to how many times they come as a guest. Actually, the math of the Dance Fee is usually an inducement to become a member. The non-member fee of $14/person vice $12/person member begins to add up to more than the $10/person Annual Dues cost.

Can I learn ballroom dancing by just joining your club and attending each monthly dance?

You could, but we will encourage you to enroll in group lessons which are available at various places in our area. Plus, we will encourage you to attend dances at other facilities in the area, and to possibly join other clubs in the area. What we are saying is that ballroom dancing is not unlike any other endeavor in life - it takes a commitment, and lots of practice to be good at it. But think of all the fun you'll have along the way, and all the wonderful friends you'll make!

What are the "dress" requirements for the dances?

Strictly casual. No jeans, shorts, or tee-shirts. Some ladies wear pants suits - others wear dresses, or a skirt and blouse. Some men wear khakis and a nice shirt - others wear a sport coat and tie, or a suit. Some people dress in formal gear for holiday dances. Wear what is comfortable for you to dance in. A pair of leather soled shoes are a must.

Are alcoholic beverages permitted if we bring our own?

No. Our dances are held in a facility which is a part of a church property, and therefore, no alcohol is permitted. We have an arrangement with the church whereby we donate funds for the use of their facility, but we must abide by their rules.

If I want to give your dances a try as a guest, how do I get started?

Just send an Email to one of the Officers on the "Contact Us" link in the sidebar. Let us know what you want to do, and we will clear a path for you. We will make sure that you get accurate directions and we will watch for you to arrive so we can meet face to face and get started with the fun of ballroom dancing!

How many people usually attend your dances?

The average attendance for 2016 was 38 people. We have never had a group so large that our 50x50 dance floor felt crowded. If our club ever gets that large, we will find a larger facility to handle it!